Enjoy Some Fine Food At These Wonderful Sarasota FL Restaurants

Sarasota or Circus City is a gorgeous destination in Florida. If you’re not quite pinpointing its location in your head, it isn’t far away from Fort Myers. Sarasota has just over 1,000 restaurants for you to choose from when vacationing in the area. As you’re having fun on the beach and learning about the history of the area, Sarasota Bay and surrounding islands, you’re going to work up an appetite. When you do, stop by one of these delicious restaurants that you just can’t pass up.

Antoine’s Restaurant serves up French cuisine and is located on N Tuttle Avenue. The restaurant serves up salmon, fresh pastries and much more. Reviews point out ‘extras,’ and that is what can really wow guests of course. Reviewers also mention presentation, so you know that Antoine’s Restaurant is a winner if you’re looking to eat a nice dinner in Sarasota.

What do you know about Latin and Caribbean cuisine? Sofrito Mama’s Restaurant is located on N Beneva Road, and they serve up delicious empanadas. Reviewers talk about homemade dishes, the freshest foods and all the way around just a unique and different experience. Do you like plantains? What about codfish fritters? Sofrito Mama’s Restaurant is a charming place for sure.

Your next stop is going to be to enjoy some authentic Italian food. Mozzarella Fella is the name of the place, and it is located on Main Street. This downtown establishment is known for its Italian sandwiches for starters. Or maybe some homemade lasagna is what fits your fancy. Mozzarella Fella could be the best spot for Italian cuisine in all of Sarasota, Florida.

Clayton’s Siesta Grille on Old Stickney Point Road serves up a variety of different types of foods, including grouper, pizza, crab cakes and more. The trout also comes highly recommended. Make sure you watch out for parking though. Some of the best restaurants in a city like this are going to be a little tricky when it comes to parking, and evidently this is one of them.

Shore Diner is going to be the last featured restaurant in Sarasota, Florida. Located on John Ringling Boulevard, Shore Diner is known for its red snapper, calamari, ribs, burgers and more. Have you noticed how much seafood makes it on the menus of these restaurants? It is Sarasota, Florida after all, and hopefully you have some excellent dining experiences at these establishments.