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Enjoy a Visit to South Florida

Many people turn their sights on Florida when the weather gets cold up north. It certainly can be a welcome break from the snow, ice and frigid temperatures. Of course, Florida is no small state so it is important to decide where you are going to visit before you cross the border. If you really want a fantastic vacation, don’t stop until you get to the southeast coast.

The entire Southeast portion of the state of Florida is absolutely fantastic. It is especially nice in the winter time, and the temperatures tend to be fairly even from the middle of October until May. This is due, in part, to the close proximity of the Gulfstream which pulls in warmer temperatures from down south...

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Enjoy Some Fine Food At These Wonderful Sarasota FL Restaurants

Sarasota or Circus City is a gorgeous destination in Florida. If you’re not quite pinpointing its location in your head, it isn’t far away from Fort Myers. Sarasota has just over 1,000 restaurants for you to choose from when vacationing in the area. As you’re having fun on the beach and learning about the history of the area, Sarasota Bay and surrounding islands, you’re going to work up an appetite. When you do, stop by one of these delicious restaurants that you just can’t pass up.

Antoine’s Restaurant serves up French cuisine and is located on N Tuttle Avenue. The restaurant serves up salmon, fresh pastries and much more. Reviews point out ‘extras,’ and that is what can really wow guests of course...

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